How to Setup Google Analytics & Install on Website

In today's article, we will read and learn how to embed/install Google Analytics tags on our website.

Before going into deep we must know what is Google Analytics and why it is used on the website.

What is Google Analytics?

Some Says, Google analytics is a platform where we can track the website traffic and some say it a tool. here we are not saying they are wrong, they are right according to their perspective. But in actual, Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that tracks and generates reports of website traffic. 

Why it is used on the website?

Google Analytics is used to monitor the effectiveness of your website, user experience, device functionality and analyzing traffic on your website. To grow and improve your business you should use Google analytics. It shows from where traffic is coming on your website, by which keyword on search engine results your website is appearing.

Now as we know what is Google Analytics and why we need it on the website.

Setup a property

  1. Create or Sign your Google Analytics account using this link
  2. Set up a property into your Analytics account:
  3. Click Admin in the left sidebar bottom and in the property column select the create a new property from the menu.
  4. Select the Account type between Website and Mobile App.
  5. Enter Account Name, Website Name.
  6. Enter the website URL  or domain name and select proper Standard protocol between https:// and https://.
  7. Select industry type.
  8. Select Reporting Time Zone.
  9. Last click the button Get Tracking ID. After clicking on this button you will get your Google Analytics tracking code for your website.

Now You have successfully set up your Google Analytics Account.

To collect the data you must need to install/embed this tracking code on your website.

To install the Google Analytics tracking code you need website hosting cPanel or FTP details where the website is hosted.


  1. Open Website index page if you want to track multiple pages then open all those pages which you want to track or collect data.
  2. Place your tracking code before the closing of the
  3. Save your file and upload it on the server.

When the Analytics Tracking code installed properly on your website it will start collecting data in your Google Analytics Account.

You can also check the tracking code is installed properly or not in your web browser.

To check the installed Google Analytics tracking code on your website you need to add Tag Assistant Manager Chrome Extension in your browser(Only for Google Chrome Users).

After adding the extension click on the Tag Assistant Manager Icon from your chrome app icon list bar. If their Global Site tag and Google Analytics are showing with green and blue color then the Google Analytics tracking code is available or installed properly on your website.

Note: Google Tag Assistant Manager only shows you the embedded Google Codes on the website. It's not showing it's working properly or not.